Harry Styles and the gift that is all of those unbuttoned shirts

So Harry Styles loves a shirt, he also loves to leave half his buttons undone. And boy do we love it too.

Welcome to the place where we will bask at the wonderfulness that is Harry Styles unbuttoned shirts.


Lets talk about this shall we, little did when know that way back when this look took place, it would lead on to a life time of half buttoned shirts and dishy long curls.

9Harry is known for liking a banana, seems as though it’s not just the fruit he’s a fan of because here he is looking divine in lemon yellow. (With a banana as well of course) and look at those beautiful half done buttons.


Harry Styles, the only popstar or person who would meet Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge with that much chest on show.


Plaid shirt or fancy shirt, it doesn’t matter to him, his chest is sure to be bare.


Has it gone too far when you see a nipple? It was once said in Mean Girls that “it only counts if you saw a nipple.”


Christmas red, looking as fabulous as ever. It’s not often we are lucky enough to feast our eyes on H Styles in some thing as vibrant as this. Although he has been rather a fan of a stripped pant as of late. It’s quite a treat. Suns out tums out.


Said stripped pant. We are a massive fan of this attire. And without a doubt the lowest button down yet. Testing the limits.


Does he ever get cold? Ever get a bit nippy? Enthuses on the nip.


We do. Harry Styles does wedding chic ft. button down shirt.


This. Well this is the mother of all unbuttoned shirts. By far number one and our favourite.You can literally see down to the boys belly button.

Well there you go, you are very welcome and we hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did writing. We are not joking, we sat for hours staring at his chest in endless unbuttoned shirts before we even started writing this.

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