Harry Styles looks fedorable in LA with Savan Kotecha [PICS]

As many of you already know Harry was in Los Angeles a few days ago and he was seen and photographed by some paparazzi’s while out and about with our old friend Savan Kotecha, do you remember who he is?

Well I’ll refresh your memory he was a vocal coach for the boys on XFactor, do you remember the song “Vas Happenin Boys”? The men in the middle with the guitar? He was Savan.

Okay am going to focus on the item. So Harry was in LA with him and we thought they were writing some new music for future albums maybe? Or just new music for other artists as it did with the song of Ariana “A Little Bit Of Your Heart”?

What ever it is, we love that song and we all hope to to listen the demo that Harry recorded to help her!

Talking about the mainly argument…Shall we see how fedorable was Harry in LA? We, we should.

For our pleasure someone did a GIF.

Nevertheless Harry is no longer in LA. He was seen with some fans in London yesterday and when the fans asked for a #Selfie with him, his security guard told them that he can’t stop.

Apparently Harry had come home for personal reasons. We don’t know what happened to him or his family, but we all hope that everything is okay.

Written by @1DWWATUpdates

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