There is going to be a Harry Potter book night! This isn’t a drill.

Warning: This article may tempt you to read (or re read) the Harry Potter series where you may become addicted to the incredible world and stories. Read at your own risk.

The guys who publish the Harry Potter books have announced that they are going to have an official Harry Potter Book Night in February. All Harry Potter fans are invited to share and listen to stories about the magical series of books. The event is being hosted WORLDWIDE and over 8,500 individuals are hosting an event – there must be one near you! More specifically some Chatterbook groups, Brownie groups and Girl Guides are going to be hosting the event which features dressing up, games, quizzes and activities.


Even us at MP! HQ are considering throwing on some Harry Potter costumes and having a night to remember! In London at Waterston’s Piccadilly there will be a ‘WE LOVE HARRY POTTER!’ Event from 6:30 pm on February 5th with very special guests. You can get tickets from

All the information is available from

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