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Halsey opens up to fans by sharing an honest and personal note. So relatable.

Halsey might be riding high in the charts with her album ‘Badlands’, but the singer took a moment to speak candidly to her fans about the battle that’s affecting her personal life.


Halsey took to Twitter on Thursday evening to open up about being recently diagnosed with Endometriosis, a chronic disease that attacks women’s reproductive systems.

Fatigue, painful periods, pelvic pain and infertility are just some of the common side effects that women with Endometriosis face.

In her note, the 21-year-old describe how it’s frustrating being constantly misdiagnosed, especially when it got in the way of her performing. She told fans she understand how they felt, and how  the “debilitating” disease can make you feel “like a prisoner in your own body.”

She ultimately left her fans with a kind and sweet note and promise: she’s here for you.

Fans immediatly started flooding Halsey’s page with notes, messages, some describing similar experiences and others simply thanking the singer for her constantly support and sending their love to her and the others fans.

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