“My least favourite member of 1D is Chris”: We interview YouTube fave Grace Helbig

We speak to YouTuber, future chat show host and now a New York Times’ best-selling author (ooooh!) Grace Helbig about her brilliant new book called ‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up’. For anybody who hasn’t bought it yet, read what Grace has to say about her book, what she gets up to when she’s on her own and find out who her favourite member of the Kardashian family is…


In your book you say that hanging out by yourself is actually one of your favourite things to do. Apart from filming your hilarious YouTube videos, what else do you get up to when you’re on your own?
I’ll order in food, make myself a drink (plus a couple more drinks), watch reality television, youtube videos, shop online for clothes and home decor, get lost in the dark corners of Etsy, the usual.

On the official site for your book, there are some really funny and actually pretty handy worksheets. Does drawing your ex with a chicken stuck in their butt really help you get over them? We haven’t quite tried that one yet…
I don’t know if it will help you get over them but it will help you to see them in a more vulnerable light. And when you’re in post break up mode you usually feel so heartbreakingly vulnerable that sometimes it’s helpful to see someone else that way. Not sure what it’ll do for your taste in chicken though.

We’ve had some fan questions on Twitter about your book so we’re going to ask you a couple of those next. @claudiawarren_ asks ‘If people could only read one page of your book, which page would you give them to read?
Any page that my mom gives advice. She really knocked it out of the park for this book.

@UnBolDeRiz asks ‘If you could describe your book in a drink or food, what would it be?
Nachos. It’s customizable, you can take from it what you want, it serves many and is hopefully a crowd pleaser without being too fancy.

You’re currently in the UK promoting your book, how are you finding your trip?
SO GREAT. Everyone here is so god damn nice and polite. I feel like it’s been one long, 5 day prank.

How does it differ from promoting your work in the States? Apart from the freezing weather, of course…
Oh, it’s been cold in the states too. It’s actually been extremely inspiring being on tour in both countries. You never really know who’s reading your book or watching your videos and getting to meet the people that have is amazing. They’re such excellent quality people; nice, and caring and enthusiastic and smart and funny and KIND. I’ve been overwhelmed by positive vibes and it has me feeling so inspired.

What’s the most bizarre thing a fan’s said to you since you’ve been in the UK?
I’ve gotten some hilariously bizarre gifts. Pillows with the dogs face on it, mugs that say ‘dick’, french bull dogs scarves, french fry socks, shot glasses galore and every kind of candy my brain could ever imagine in my most vivid fever dream.

Is there anything about the UK that America doesn’t have that you wish you could take back with you?
The Sorted Food boys. They’re fellow content creators and friends and unfortunately they spend most of their time in your country. How dare you!

Huge congratulations are in order because it’s been announced that you’re getting your own E! show named The Grace Helbig Project. Can you let us know what’s in store for viewers?
It’s not fully conceptualized yet but I’m getting really pumped on the project because the people we have coming on board to work on it are such great, funny individuals. So my hopes are that it’ll be both dumb and fun.

Obviously the E! network is a pretty big deal and is the television home to stars such as Kevin Jonas, Guliana Rancic and of course, the Kardashians. So the question that everybody wants the answer to is obviously… which member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is Grace Helbig’s favourite?
Bruce. He’s a classic.


Now, we are absolutely hooked on your YouTube channel it’sGrace, as are the rest of your two million subscribers, but we want to know where you get ideas for your videos from?
I get them from my brain, from the audience, from friends, from my dog, from dreams, from desperation, a variety of places.

You have a very unique sense of humour which no other YouTubers have. Do you think you need to have a niche to get noticed on YouTube now that it has become such a big platform?
It’s very hard to stand out in a saturated space. I stand by the idea that if you’re doing something you’re really passionate about it’s a lot easier to get noticed because passion and persistence can produce quality. I much rather watch someone I know is having a good time doing what they’re doing than someone I can tell is trying to do what they think is popular. Mr. Bean is a prime example.

What advice would you give to somebody that’s wanting to set up their own channel?
Commit. Have fun. Repeat.

Is there a stand out moment from the filming of any of your videos that still has you laughing now?
Geez, there have been so many videos. Every time I shoot with my mom nowadays it’s always an experience because she tries to surprise me with something in the middle of the video to throw me off track. I’d have to say the last couple of videos that I shot with her on my dailygrace channel were really fun to shoot.

We love the videos that you do with Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart and wish that we could get to the live #NoFilterShow that you guys do over in the US. We know that it came over to London last year but are there any plans to bring it back over to the UK?
Not at the moment, but we had such a great time last time that we definitely want to find a way to come back. And when we do you guys will know ASAP. That’s not the kind of info we like to keep to ourselves.

You three are obviously very close but @knicks93 on Twitter has asked ‘Who are your favourite fellow YouTubers?
MirandaSings – I think we’re all stupidly in love with her and of course Flula.


Apart from the book and your TV show are there any other exciting projects coming up for you this year?
Maaaaaybe. So cheeky!

Have you thought about writing a follow up to Grace’s Guide at any point?
Again, maaaaaybe.

Before we let you go, we have some quick fire questions for you…

Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande?

If you could be any sandwich filling, what would you be?
Peanut butter and fluff

Least favourite member of One Direction?

He was originally a 6th member that dropped out before they were huge.


Jennifer Aniston’s best movie is…
Her life.

And her worst?
Her life.

What’s your favourite hour of the day?
Whenever the sun starts to set. SO GOD DAMN ROMANTIC.

If you were in the Spice Girls, what would your nickname have been?
Robot Spice.

Which YouTuber would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?
Any other youtuber that is also afraid of small spaces – being stuck in an elevator is a nightmare scenario for me so it doesn’t really matter who I’m with it’s already MAYDAY.

Do you have a strange phobia?
I suppose the lift thing’s pretty weird.

Michael has bought 7 packs of 8 chocolate bars. How many chocolate bars did he get?

And finally, do you have a last message for your UK fans?
Thank you for being lovely human beings.

‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up’ is available to buy here.

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