15 reasons why George Shelley is the cutest popstar on the planet.

We know as well as you do that there are about 73 million reasons as to why George Shelley the cutest popstar on the planet but because we were afraid that our poor little fangirl hearts would implode if we listed them all so whittled it down to just 15. That’s enough for you all, isn’t it?

01. Look at those dimples!
You could just dive into those dimples, couldn’t you? When he shows off those gnashers and those dimples appear, it just makes his beautiful face even more attractive doesn’t it? Sigh…

02. His laugh is our favourite thing ever.
If you know George Shelley then you know he has the c-u-t-e-s-t laugh the world has ever heard. If newborn kittens could laugh, they would sound like George Shelley. Just listen…

03. Dat hurr tho.
George’s hair has often been compared to Harry Styles but we actually think George would win a hair-off with Mr Styles (We love Harry’s locks too before you kill us Directioners). George’s hair is just so floppy and cute and we just want to stroke it and play with it all day long. WE. LOVE. IT.

04. One word: Royde
When 18-year-old George Shelley first walked onto our screens and into our hearts on The X Factor in 2012 with his acoustic rendition of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’, the world was left hanging on his dictation of one word in particular. In no time, George was royding his way through to the live finals as part of the new-and-improved Union J in no time.

05. He likes dressing up and pretending to be a monkey.
Cute af or what? Gorgeous George (or should that be Curious George?) first introduced us to his monkey onesie during a Union J twitcam in late 2012 and we have been in love ever since. One of our favourite ever quotes – yes, even more than Shakespeare – is when he yelped “ouch, you’re hurting my monkey ear!” when somebody leant on his hood.


06. Gosh ship Gosh almost as much as we do.
If you’re in the J-Cat fandom then you’ll know all about the bromance that George has with fellow bandmate Josh Cuthbert and the cutest thing is – they ship themselves with each other almost as much as we do! Back in 2013, Josh even tweeted his bandmate about their secret relationship friendship, posting: “I miss you georgey!!!! Nothing better than a bit of #Gosh ;)”


07. He just looks so cheeky!
The aforementioned dimples, the smile, the eyes (we’ll go into more about those later) – he just looks like an actual cherub that has fallen from heaven and been polished to become the ultimate boyband member. We certainly wouldn’t mind getting cheeky with his chappy…

08. His voice is so mesmerising.
We’re pretty sure George is a robot that has been programmed to brainwash us because every time he opens his mouth to sing, we almost become hypnotised. Nothing else in this world matters once George Shelley begins singing with that angelic voice of his. It can’t be explained, just listen.

09. He has the juiciest lips ever seen on a boyband member.
We challenge you to find us another boyband member with lips as good as George Shelley. We just want to kiss them. And never stop.


10. His alter-ego Derek.
We’re not too sure if this is exactly cute, but it definitely is adorkable. Meet Derek, George’s very strange alter-ego. If you have George on snapchat then you would have seen a lot of Derek during the summer when Union J were promoting their absolute banger ‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’. If you are yet to be acquainted then feast your eyes below. You will never look at George in the same way again.

11. His eyes, his eyes, make the stars look like they’re not shining.
We have decided that George’s eyes are literal pools of chocolate and we DEFINITELY want to go swimming. We could literally fall into those eyes when they start twinkling and now we’re crying because we’ve decided he’s actually perfect.


12. He’s not afraid to be different.
Our George has absolutely zero qualms about being the only G in Union J. How brave of him. Back on The X Factor in 2012, George changed his name to Jorge to try and fit in for about a day but decided that it’s good to be different. Well done George, don’t let anybody force you into conforming!

13. He’s got a rather good bod on him, y’know.
After refusing to get topless in the early Union J days due to insecurity issues (aww!) George has finally realised that every inch of him is perfect from the bottom to the top and started showing some skin. And look at what he’s been hiding!


Nipple! Nipple! Nipple! We need a lie down…

14. His baby snaps are to die for.
George was actually cutest baby that has ever been brought into this world… even with a bowl haircut. Just imagine what your kids could look like. Ok, we’re crying again.


15. Boyfriend goals: He can play the guitar.
Who doesn’t love a boy who can play the guitar? When George strums that guitar of his, baby angels fly into our ears and send us to musical heaven. He’s just a little bit amazing really, isn’t he?


Congratulations George, you are officially the cutest popstar on the planet. Altoghether now: YOU GOT IT ALLLLLLLLL.

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