FREE CHAPTER ALERT: Read an extract from Gayle Forman’s new emotional book ‘I Was Here’

If like us you were obsessed by ‘If I Stay’ you’re going to love Gayle Forman’s ‘I Was Here’ too. 100% guaranteed.

Gayle Forman, author of the acclaimed ‘If I Stay’ among others, has another sure fire smash hit. ‘I Was Here’ is part mystery, part tragedy and part romance, all blended together.
Following the suicide of her best friend, Meg, Cody realises that something is a little bit suspicious… Starting to investigate, she realises there was a side to Meg that she knew nothing about.

For you, lucky bookworms, we have an exclusive extract from ‘I Was Here’.


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Written by Sara

Handling emotions and adult stuff like Jess Day and Nick Miller do.
I'm a bit awkward but really nice. I have a turtle called Turtle and I believe in the "You should take a nap every day".

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