MP!’s YouTuber Of The Week: FunForLouis

Happy New Year!

Our first YouTuber of the Week of 2015 is practically the real life version of Tarzan with dreadlocks almost as long as his body, with a hint of Indiana Jones.  He also resembles a 7ft palm tree… it’s got to be FunForLouis, of course!


If you don’t know him (which you certainly should) he’s the coolest guy you will ever meet, he is lovely and so passionate about travel as he daily vlogs his life travelling across the world. With dreams of making a home out of an abandoned aeroplane and his thrive to do anything adventurous, his passion is certainly admirable! Including his passion for uploading for us every single day! That takes dedication, right?

Our YouTube video of the week comes from the real life Tarzan himself, where he goes paragliding on the coast of South Africa, doing acrobatics in the sky. Insane, right? It’s definitely worth watching! Check it out here:

If you haven’t already subscribed to him, I’m sure this has convinced you now! Watch as he brings us all along on his trip to South Africa daily, as well as his future trips around the world.

After that we definitely feel like a spot of travelling.

See you next week!

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