Get 1D in your hair…sort of. We’ll have all of the Fudge Urban range thank you.

There’s not many things we ask for in life. Harry Styles, a lifetime supply of chocolate and perfect hair all year round, to name just a few. Now we’re not saying we can give you Harry Styles (we’d keep him for ourselves, soz) but we may have found the key to perfect hair. Two words: Fudge. Urban.

Fudge Urban hair products are and will be in our hair product necessity list forever, we literally can’t get enough of them. Oh and Lou Teasdale is a Fudge Urban ambassador, which means the 1D boys must have these glorious products used on their beautiful locks. This brings us one step closer to the lads right? MP! isn’t just a pretty face.

One of our fave picks from the range is the hairspray and it’s not just any old hairspray. Oh no! It’s iced raspberry and vanilla. Smells. Like. Heaven. Although we wouldn’t advise eating it, doesn’t taste quite as good as it smells…

If you’re feeling a little punk-rock and fancy a little Michael Clifford colour in your barnet then the hair chalk range is the one for you. Colour options include white, pink, purple, red and our fave, blue. These are perfect for those of you who want to try a bit of colour but aren’t perhaps brave enough to commit, as the colour washes straight out with water and shampoo.

Well there you have it, a whole range of ridiculously amazing products, which could well change your hair game for life – take a gander at the Fudge Urban range on their website right now, you won’t regret it.

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