Amazing Album Alert: Our track-by-track review of Foxes’ ‘All I Need’.

Some of our favourite artists are named after animals, and Foxes is deffo one of them. Because she’s a total babe she gave us early access to her album so we can review it just for you. You’re welcome.  And of course, we’ve rated each track out of five foxes cos we’ve got the bantz like that lol.foxes

Track 01: Rise Up (Intro) 

We approve of this intro, it’s soft, sweet and we hear string instruments. This made our little pop hearts skip a beat – 4/5 Foxes.

Track 02: Better Love

We love this one, it’s a great opening to the album. It oozes with Foxes’ unique voice and is very catchy. This was also the second single released off the album – 4/5 Foxes.

Track 03: Body Talk

We already know this one, it was the lead single from the album released in July. This head honcho track introduced us into the new era of Foxes – 3/5 Foxes.

Track 04: Cruel 

This is our favourite track, deffo not up for negotiation. Slay, slay, slay everyday because we have this on repeat. MP! approved – 5/5 Foxes.

Track 05: If You Leave Me Now

The first ballad type, slow jam song on the album. This is another side to Foxes, a softer one. We can appreciate the lovely meaning and gentle side to Foxes’ vocal on this track. But do we like it? It’s okay – 2/5 Foxes.

Track 06: Amazing

Why was this the third single off the album? It should’ve been the first single! We love the drum beats and vocal range that Foxes flaunts in this track. Bish, bash, bosh – 5/5 Foxes.

Track 07: Devil Side

We love the talkative twang in Foxes’ voice in this track. This song is actually very honest and quite powerful. It is a little bit repetitive though – 3/5 Foxes.

Track 08: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

We really like this one. We could deffo imagine Haim collabing on this track. Feet don’t fail us now, we want a Foxes and Haim collab now – 4/5 Foxes.

Track 09: Wicked Love

This is the next single from the album and is due for release on February 12! We can’t get enough of this wicked love. We have high hopes for this track in the charts – 4/5 Foxes.

Track 10: Scar

This song is by far the most meaningful and tells a story of survival, and we’re into it. We need to hear this on tour because we could sway, cry and wave our iPhone torches in the air – 4/5 Foxes.

Track 11: Money

We’re not too sure about this one. We like the chorus but it’s again slightly repetitive and monotone. Disappointed but we still heart you Foxes – 2/5 Foxes.

Track 12: I’m On My Way

We really like this one. It’s a little pop gem and we can see why it’s the last track on the album. Amazing, that is all – 4/5 Foxes.

Overall? 44/60. You need to get your hands on this shiz because it is the bomb diggity. We will be playing ‘Cruel’ on repeat for the next 200 years. Do our girl a solid favour and get your hands on ‘All I Need’ from iTunes here when it’s released on February 5.

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