MP! Reviews: ‘FOCUS’ – So many twists that you really couldn’t second guess what was going to happen!

Capital FM and Chart Show presenter Kat has joined forces with Maximum Pop! for a series of film reviews. This time round she popped down to a screening of ‘FOCUS’, the con-job romantic dramedy with Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

Has Will Smith been working out??? Yes… Yes he has… Quite a lot by looks of things and 5 mins into his new film ‘FOCUS’ he’s got his top proudly off and it stays off for quite a bit of the film.

Starring opposite Margot Robbie (of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ fame), who is as equally as beautiful at & half naked a lot in this film, it makes for pretty hot on-screen chemistry.

Smith plays the charming, smooth con man Nicky Spurgeon who is the best at what he does… Which is essentially stealing and heist and then along comes Jess Barrett, played by Robbie, who throws him slightly off course when he takes her under his wing to show her the tricks of the trade, but ends up completely falling for her.

There are so many twists in this film that I really couldn’t second guess what was going to happen, which was fun, but it wasn’t really anything that I hadn’t seen before from this type of hustle/heist film genre. The thing that made this different was the relationship between Will Smith and Margot Robbie, they looked like they enjoyed working together and the love story throughout kept you interested.

I liked the film though, it was a fun watch and if honest really makes you think about how easy it is for people to take from you, its like a sexy, watch out for thieves, awareness guide. Thanks Will Smith.

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