Florrie is releasing another absolute pop banger of a single named ‘Real Love’

Remember Florrie? Yep, the amazing pop chick who released ‘Too Young To Remember’ last year and used to write songs for Girls Aloud?


Well good, because she’s back with a brand new single and, as expected, it’s another banger.

Speaking of ‘Real Love’, released March 25, Florrie says: “This track is the result of a massive culmination of everything I’ve learnt and been through as an artist over the last 5 years. I remember when we’d sketched it out and laid down some rough vocal takes, I had this massive feeling of excitement because I knew it was a good one; I always get that when I LOVE something I’m working on, it’s like I can’t quite control it!”

Florrie releases ‘Real Love’ on March 25. Her debut album is expected for release in  Autumn 2016.

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