MP! Interviews: We have a natter with Fifth Street about fashion, secrets and chicken!

Fifth Street are a new RnB group from the UK who consist of Tommy Miller, Lewis Huff, Paddy Graham and Leon James and we think you’re gonna love them! We’ve managed to spend a bit of time chatting to the lads to get to know them.

Hi guys! So you’re a new band – How did you get together?

Hey Maximum Pop! The band came together after two of our members (Lewis & Tommy) came off of the X Factor as soloists looking to make a band! They knew Leon from gigs up and down the country and eventually Paddy was found on Youtube!

How would you describe your sound?

We’d say our sound is R&B with an element of pop! Our music has an urban edge; Leon has a history rapping on Youtube and it’s the sort of music we all love.

Who are your musical influences and inspirations?

We find ourselves being compared to JLS quite often through the sound we’re trying to achieve. We listen to a lot of Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga! We’d love to be able to bring the R&B presence we see in the American charts over to the UK!

We need to know about your fashion sense! Who would you say influences your style?

Luckily we all dress in a similar style a lot of the time, which is great because we can lend each other clothes! Through our sound we find ourselves dressing a bit more ‘street’ than other boy groups; we have to admit we do like Justin Bieber’s style!

What are your biggest dreams for the band?

We always discuss this amongst ourselves when we’re in the car or sitting around! We’ve decided that ultimately we want to be able to make a comfortable living through our music! To be able to consistently put out original music which the fans enjoy would be amazing! And of course to tour the UK and US is right up there too!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

In 5 years time we’d love to be writing on our third album! It’ll be a long journey and there’s a lot of hard work that has to be put in still, but in such a competitive industry we think it’s important to be ambitious! Hopefully we’ll be signed to a good record label with a good group of people around us!

You’ve covered Jeremih/Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’, so tell us something you shouldn’t probably tell us, we want your secrets!

(We left this question until last and genuinely spent a while thinking, but most of what we came up with is a little too explicit to go online!!)

Once we did go clubbing in London after our gig at the Indig02 as a friend lent us his apartment for the night. Our after party must’ve been loud because we managed to get him a hefty fine from the building council!

Lastly the most important question – We’re going on a date to Nando’s you have to order for us, how would you spoil us?

Firstly, by agreeing to come go to Nando’s you’ve automatically secured yourself a second date!

We’d probably order a whole chicken to share, cooked plain so we can play around with all the different sauces! We’d also go for a wing roulette, which would be pretty entertaining! To finish off we’d order lots of pudding! The pudding is completely underrated at Nando’s and we think it’s about as good as the chicken!

(Leon prefers KFC; overcoming that obstacle as a group has made us believe we can get past anything!)

Thanks lads, can’t wait to hear more from you soon!

Make sure you check Fifth Street out on YouTube and follow them on Twitter!

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