Fifth Harmony reveal New Year resolutions for 2015!

We’re about to stumble into 2015 and we’re already thinking about our new year resolutions here at MP! HQ. So far all we’ve come up with is ‘Have regular dance party in the office’ and ‘try not to have Nando’s any more than twice a week… three at a push’, but what about our fave stars?

Well, the lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony have been spilling about their plans for 2015 and they’re already putting us to shame. Speaking to Press Party the girls said they plan to not worry as much, eat healthier and to live in the moment more.

When grilled about their own personal goals for the year, Camila from the band revealed:

“My New Year’s resolution will be to remember my New Year’s resolution next year if I am asked this question again.”

Meanwhile Ally wants a bit of health and positivity in her life:

“Of course to be in my best shape! But the main thing for me will be to be more free and not hold back on what I’m feeling or what I want to do. Because life is too short. Live!”

It seems Dinah needs a bit more punctuality (same) and persepective, saying:

“To be on time! I’m always late. To be happy and not worry so much about certain situations and know that whatever happens happens & to live in the moment…Go with the flow. To stop magnifying life/love too much.”

The fierce Normani wants some down time with the fam:

“I need to have a family vacation with my family this year, that’s a must.” Can we come too, Normani?

Lastly Lauren wants to live for the moment : “I want to not think about everything so much and do more of what I feel. I also want to be stronger, physically and mentally.”

All very sound resolutions girls but where could feature more dance parties. Just sayin’. What do you think of the 5H’s resolutions for 2015? And feel free to share your own 2015 plans with MP! in the comments below!

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