What are Fifth Harmony asking for Christmas this year?

With Christmas just around the corner our pals over at Pressparty caught up with the beautiful Fifth Harmony girls to find out their favourite festive treats!


What’s the one present you’re hoping to find under your Christmas tree this year?

Camila Cabello: “Under my Christmas tree this year, I hope to find my sister’s Elf toy alive and real so we will have caught him in THE ACT…”

Ally Brooke: “Well, I actually can’t wait to give presents to my family! I am doing some last minute Christmas shopping soon. Being at home is a gift enough in itself, though. I’m gonna be so happy! I just want a nice, peaceful Christmas with my family and loved ones.”

Dinah Jane Hansen: “To be honest, every Christmas I don’t know what to wish for…All I know is that I want my brothers and sisters to enjoy this Christmas. Everything that I’ve ever wanted I already have. All I really need for Christmas is my family and grandma’s food.”

Normani Kordei: “I’m honestly just looking forward to spending Christmas with my family in our new home. I think that is an amazing gift in itself. No matter where we are, as long as we have each other, it’s considered home. I’m beyond excited to get home and do my last minute shopping like I do every year. I love being mini Santa Claus and giving gifts.”

Lauren Jauregui: “I haven’t really given that any thought to be honest, I think for me what’s going to be really rewarding is giving my family the presents I got them.”

What is your worst Christmas memory?

Camila: “My worst Christmas memory was when I was at a family party driving a toy car and I hit my elderly godfather and he had to get a cast and sit in a wheelchair for his broken leg.”

Ally: “I didn’t feel well one year, so that was awful. I didn’t do much that day.”

Dinah: “I don’t think I’ve had one Christmas that was bad. Well, not yet. Christmas is just around the corner and I hope and pray I don’t jinx myself (please Santa! Make sure it’s great just like all the other years please).”

Normani: “I don’t think that it’s even possible for me to have a ‘worst Christmas memory’. I believe that it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! The day after Christmas I literally countdown to the next Christmas. I can always count on this time to be happy and not worry about anything else.”

Lauren: “I haven’t really had any bad Christmases. They’re usually filled with a lot of love and happiness.”

Will you make any New Year’s resolutions this year and if so, what will they be?

Camila: “My New Year’s resolution will be to remember my New Year’s resolution next year if I am asked this question again.”

Ally: “Of course to be in my best shape! But the main thing for me will be to be more free and not hold back on what I’m feeling or what I want to do. Because life is too short. Live!”

Dinah: “To be on time! I’m always late. To be happy and not worry so much about certain situations and know that whatever happens happens & to live in the moment…Go with the flow. To stop magnifying life/love too much.”

Normani: “My New Year’s resolution every year is to eat healthy and workout…! I’m not gonna make that mine this year because I obviously failed the past few years. Going into 2015 I really just want to not overthink about anything and if there is something in particular that I want to do, I wanna just go for it and do it. Life is way too short to not live and say ‘I wish I could do this’. Just do it! I need to have a family vacation with my family this year, that’s a must.”

Lauren: “I want to not think about everything so much and do more of what I feel. I also want to be stronger, physically and mentally.

There you have it! Could you love the Fifth Harmony girls anymore if you tried?

Source: Pressparty

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