This surprising new study will make you think twice about going bare down there

Girls, it’s time to talk about your nether regions. We know it’s a little bit of a TMI topic, but it’s brought to you with the usual heavy dose of self-love and female empowerment that we here at MP! pride ourselves on dishing out. A recent study has shown some pretty astonishing statistics, and we just wanna keep our fellow ladies in the know, ’cause we love ya. That, and your vajay-jays are important.


A new study has found that 62% of women said they made the decision to completely remove their pubic hair, with at least 84% admitting to at least some grooming of some sort. We assume that means it varies from a light trim to full on glitsy vajazzle.

The study also found that grooming was more prevalent in younger women between 18 and 34, with girls as young as 13 making the decision to go completely bare.


Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for women taking ownership of their body and doing whatever the hell they feel like, but this statistic in particular was pretty startling. We can’t help but question why, at such a young age, people are choosing to completely mow down the bush.

Turns out young women feel peer pressured. Not only that, but social media and the media in general feels the need to dictate and perpetuate ideals of how women should look and deal with their mini downstairs fro. Oh, what a surprise that the media has put unfair expectations on women about how their bodies should look — including their body hair! We are so unbelievably shocked by this revelation. Er, not.

eye roll blair

Of course, porn also plays a huge role in this statistic, with female genitalia frequently being presented as prepubescent. That is, completely plucked and primped like a chicken.

We gave a small rejoice for  women-kind, however, when we discovered that, more often that not, the decision to remove their pubic hair was not due to sexual activity or the preferences of their partner. Hallelujah! Doing it for ourselves, ladies!


No, the study in fact found that many of these women made the choice based on their hygiene. Uh, we’re definitely glad you’re not doing it because of your partner, but we need to let you in on a lil secret about your bodily hair: it’s there for a reason and keeping it wild down there definitely won’t effect your hygiene. In fact, it helps it.

“At least once a week I hear from a young woman that she thinks it’s wrong to have pubic hair, that it’s meant to be removed,” said Dr. Jennifer Gunter, pelvic pain and vulvovaginal disorder specialist. “Grooming has become so common that people think that’s the norm.”

She continues, “Prepubertal girls have a higher incidence of irritation because they don’t have that protection.”

Women have pubic hair as a protective barrier against bacteria entering the vaginal opening. Who knew?


There is a concern, then, about health problems due to grooming, as well as what the results suggest about women’s self-image. 3% of emergency room visits for foof-related injuries come as a result of grooming: folliculitis, abscesses, lacerations, allergic reactions to waxing burns, as well as vulvar and vaginal infections.

With such a large percentage (59%) stating they got rid in order to be more hygienic, it would seem your self-grooming could have the potential to have the reverse affect.

Still, at the end of the day it’s your body. The study stressed that, for many women, it was also simply a case of feeling better and more attractive without it. As long as you’re out there making the right choices by your mind and body, we’re here for ya. Just don’t let anyone else tell you what to do.


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