Keanu Reeves is in the new, exciting crime thriller ‘Exposed’.

Keanu Reeves, aka the man who NEVER ages is in a new, exciting film this month.


‘Exposed’ is a crime thriller, following NYC Detective Scotty Galban as he  investigates the murder of his partner. Among the evidence, he finds a photo of a young teacher Isabel, who he believes is a witness. As Galban gets closer to solving the case and finding the killer’s motives, Isabel hold secrets of her own. Ooo, mysterious.

The film also stars Ana de Armas as Isabel, the young teacher who clearly knows to much. From the trailer, it looks like this isn’t going to end well for Scotty or Isabel.

giphy (5)

If you’re dying to see ‘Exposed’ just like us, it’s on demand and in cinemas now.

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