Alarm Pop: EverYoung ‘Icy Blue’ – We’ll love them until the sun turns icy blue

So, we were just reminiscing about the time we treated EverYoung to an all-expense paid brunch of crackers, when this popped up.

The awesome foursome is back with a merry new single titled ‘Icy Blue’ and it sounds every bit as warm and loveable as they are.

Eyal, Cherelle, Jack and Hollie treats us to a bubbly tune with summery guitars and free-flowing harmonies. They make it seem so effortless.

‘Icy Blue’ is the young pop group’s second single following ‘You Got Me‘, which entered the UK Indie Charts at #30 last year.

Don’t worry, we won’t have to wait another hear to cop another single from this lot. EverYoung are set to drop two more singles over the coming months while they continue to play gigs around the country.

‘Icy Blue’ is out on 21 September.

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