MP! caught up with Elyar Fox to chat about Su-Bo, Eurovision and his brand new EP

Elyar Fox’s brand spanking new EP ‘Good Friends’ is out now! And we’re pretty darn excited. So excited that we had to have a good old chinwag with him to see what’s going down…

Hi Elyar! How are you?

I’m really good thanks, just listening to some very lovely hold music!

Oh really – good hold music?!

Oh yeahh! Anyway, how are you?

Really good thanks, got a bit of a cold – so apologies for any coughing, but it’s all good.

Oh noo, okay well try not to spread it to me through the phone.

I’ll try not to…so pretty exciting stuff, your EP ‘Good Friends’ is out in three days, what can we expect from it?

Well a lot of acoustic songs…because I mean it’s the acoustic EP. But it’s really cool; I guess a couple of the songs kinda show how I’m growing as an artist. As time is going on I spend so much time in the studio and I’m figuring out my thing – what my sound is and what I like to do and make. So yeah it’s cool, I guess you could describe it as a transitional release; all the songs have got a different vibe to them.

So as your EP is called ‘Good Friends’, we thought it’d be rude not to take that and make a little game out of it – up for that?

Oh yeahh.

Cool, so I’m going to name two female celebs and you’ve got to tell me which one you’d rather be good friends with and which one you’d rather be more than friends with. So first one…Demi and Miley?

Demi Lovato yeah? Hmm I think I’d probably be good friends with Miley? Wait no! So one is like a relationship yeah and the other is just good friends? Can I be more than friends with both? * laughs *

If you want to be greedy you can…

No, no! I’m not that kinda guy! I’d say Miley good friends, Demi more than friends.

Okay, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift.

I’d say Jennifer Lawrence more than friends and Taylor Swift good friends

The last one is the trickiest, so here we go… Kim Kardashian and Susan Boyle.

* laughs* WHAT? Susan Boyle?! Okay difficult…I think I’ll go with Kim for more than friends, but I think Susan Boyle would be a great friend.

Okay fair enough, that was a pretty tough one to choose between…

It was a tough one, but I think Susan would be one of the best friends.

One of the tracks on your EP is called ‘Déjà vu’, do you tend to get déjà vu a lot or have you had any weird cases of it?

Yeah I actually do get déjà vu quite often, it’s a nice feeling really and I guess that’s what the song is about – I’ve had it so many times. I’ve had it where I’ve met a girl, and we’ve been talking and you know where you feel like you know someone? Like a genuine feeling? It’s not a bad chat up line either…it’s just where you feel like you’ve met this person before at some point.

We were wondering if you’ve been watching X Factor – if so who’s your fave?

Umm I’ve been really bad with X Factor as I’ve always been in the studio when it’s on, I’ve not been near a TV at peak time – so I’ve missed a lot of it. But there is a lot of talent on it, I know a lot of the acts on there too – OTY are cool.

Keeping on the theme of singing competitions, you’re half English, half Azerbaijani right?

Ooooh yeahhhh

So for Eurovision who do you support?

I don’t know – I feel like I’m going to offend everyone regardless of what I say…

Stop being so nice! You’re allowed to choose…

Okay, you know what I usually would love to support England, but it’s never really been that great recently. I don’t know I just support whoever I think is the best, Azerbaijan were good a few years ago, I really liked their performance. It always varies, a few years ago I think there was a man from Sweden or something who was a doctor and he sang a song about being happy – he was good!

What’s on your iPod at the moment – what are you loving?

What am I loving at the moment? Recently, I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Drake – I’m a big Drake fan, I find him very inspirational. Sometimes he’s too emotional though, you know you get in, it’s been a long day, you get to bed and you put on your iPod and you think…this is so deep! But I really like him. Wiz Khalifa’s new record I like too – he’s cool, I’m a fan.

You’ve made your love for Bruno Mars pretty apparent. We all know about that…So say you get to perform one song with the man himself, what would it be?

Oooh wow okay – no pressure. So I get one shot with Le Mars…with the Bruno -what am I gonna go with, what song? Something from his new record I think. Hold on, you know what I think I’d like to do ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, I’d like to do that, but I don’t if I could pull it off as well as him?

Oh I think you definitely could!

Either that or ‘Treasure’?

‘Treasure’ is a good choice – ‘Treasure’ is a top song!

Yeah totally! I’d do ‘Treasure’ – I love that song.

You’ve got a couple of acoustic gigs coming up in November – are you excited for that?

Oh yeah definitely – it’s really cool you know they’re the first headline shows I’ve done and they’re acoustic, so it’s going to be quite nice to just be up singing and playing. It’s a definitely a new experience for me, but I love it and look forward to seeing all the fans there.

Cool, so we were having a little stalk of your Twitter and you tweet some pretty random things.


Yeah, there was something you tweeted the other day about a man who was shouting rice at you – what was that all about?

Oh wow * laughs *. Well yeah that’s Essex for you… It was a friend’s birthday in Essex and I went down for it. We went out somewhere and the whole evening there was just a man shouting at me about rice. It was awkward because I’d go to the toilets and he would follow me, or just always be in there when I went in, and I was just like ‘I’m trying to do a wee’, and he’s just going on about rice, it was really uncomfortable. He was just obsessed with rice, he was giving me advice on eating rice and telling me how I shouldn’t have salt with it – I was like ‘what are you talking about?!’

Sounds like an interesting experience?!

Yeah and you know what, it happens all the time. I seem to end up talking to…what do you call it?

Unusual people?

Committed to rice people?

That’s a nice way of putting it…so you’ve also been tweeting about the ‘Fox Hunts’ you’re going to be doing – are you looking forward to those?

Yeah, I think it’ll be fun I used to do stuff like this all the time, like this thing I used to do called tweet and greet – I really liked them. It was basically like busking, I’d turn up just play some acoustic songs, and fans would come down, it’s awesome, and everyone’s welcome! I guess Fox Hunt is similar to that, I’m doing a bunch of them, it’s kinda like a short notice thing – I let people know an address of where I’ll be in like London, or the city.

Will the Fox Hunts be all across the country or just London?

I’m going to be doing a few all across the country, turn up, play some songs – it’s a really good vibe!

Sweet sounds like fun! Thanks very much for speaking to us Elyar and good luck with the EP!

Thanks, it was very nice to speak to you, take care – bye!

Well there you have it, our chat with the very lovely Elyar Fox. If you haven’t already, go give his EP ‘Good Friends’ a cheeky purchase here you’ll pretty much be missing out if you don’t. If for some obscure reason you still need a little persuading, give his track ‘Déjà vu’ a listen – we’re absolutely hooked on it!

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