Download or Ditch: Redfoo – ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’

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Redfoo of LMFAO fame (and sparkly new X Factor Australia judge) has gone out on his own following the duo’s breakup and has unveiled new single ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’ as his first solo song. The question is will it ignite the dancefloor and get the party started, or will it sink easier and lazier than cheap booze at a uni mixer?

As far as party anthems go, Redfoo’s first attempt at a solo dance banger is a bit mixed – it definitely sounds like an LMFAO B-side with plenty of heavy synthesisers and four to the floor club beats that on their own would provide plenty of dancefloor fodder.

At its heart, it’s fun and it’s throwaway, the perfect song for a boozy night out and one that you’ll probably get your slutdrop and grind to at any party. While it probably won’t make a massive impact, it’s the musical equivalent of a WKD chaser – sweet, tasty and pretty disposable.

Listen to ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’ below and vote on whether you’d nab this track or send it spinning into the recycling bin. 

Result: You’ve had your say and 83.33% voted in favour of Redfoo’s solo song! Huzzah!

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