MP! Reviews: ‘Cinderella’, a brilliantly dazzling way to be introduced to it for who don’t know the story yet

Capital FM and Chart Show presenter Kat has joined forces with Maximum Pop! for a series of film reviews. This time round our Princess popped down to a fairy screening of ‘Cinderella’, see what happened when she met Prince Charming…

Soooooo it turns out I might have once had a chance of actually finding my Prince Charming… Star of the film Richard Madden, who plays the handsome prince in this new adaptation of Disney’s ‘Cinderella’, once asked me out… I think, about 7 years ago! I can’t quite remember if I asked him out on a date and he said no or he asked me – either way it never happened but thanks to iCloud I still have his number so it may all change, haha!

Anyway… The film was brilliant, it’s obviously very much still along the lines of the original fairytale so no need to go into details there but this has a brilliant cast. Cate Blanchet plays the evil step mother and she does it sooooo well, she’s an excellent baddie and has all the poise and cutting remarks you would hope from a villain, my favourite fairy Godmother of all time played by the brilliantly barmy Helena Bonham-Carter (I love that woman) and the story is brought to life with amazing special effects. Also there is a cameo appearance from Rob Brydon which seems bizarre but he is incredibly funny in it and brings a lot of british humour to the film.

I wasn’t expecting much from the film as it’s a story that has been told a thousand times but I found myself enjoying it so much and forgot that it was a story I fully well knew the ending to. Well done Disney, for any generation who don’t know the story of Cinderella yet what a brilliantly dazzling way to be introduced to it…

Heres me having fun with the pretend Prince Charming in the foyer before the show started… Some people (me) just enjoy their jobs a little bit too much don’t they?

Disney’s Cinderella hits UK cinemas on the 27th March.

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