Danielle Peazer now has her own makeup and perfume collection, and we are SO EXCITED!

Danielle Peazer is one of our favourite blogger/vloggers as well as being one of our ultimate girl crushes, so when she announced she would be releasing her own makeup and perfume collection, we may have died a bit.

I'm so excited i may vomit

Working with Young & Gifted, Danielle’s collection is called ‘Peace, Love and Happiness’. It contains three fragrances and three eyeshadow palettes that she’s spent over a year and a half working on. Slay!

We hear that Danielle was involved in every single aspect of developing this line, including working on designs, selecting colours, choosing scents, and even styling the photo shoot!

Danielle believes, “All you really need in your life is peace, love and happiness. If you have a balance of those things, everything else will be fine.” If that doesn’t sound cool enough, Danielle even has symbols for those three elements tattooed on her wrist.

See what she has to say about the new collection in her vlog here.

The collection is currently available for pre-order from The Fragrance Shop, so make sure you head over there now!

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