5 Things: Get to know The Vamps’ Connor a little bit more in this new video. Yes please…

With thanks to Vevo, we’re really getting to know 1/4 of our future husbands favourite boyband. After previously releasing ‘Get To Know’ video for Brad and James, today we have been treated to a video introduction from the beautimous Connor Ball.

Here’s 5 Things that we learnt…

1 Connor is a football enthusiast and played striker for about ten years (not continuously, obvs). At one point, he was playing for two teams – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. What a busy boy.

2 He started playing guitar when he was just 11 or 12 years old, after he received his first guitar from his nan for Christmas. He left it for about a year and “hasn’t stopped playing since.” We don’t think he means that literally but you get the idea.

3 Before the Vamps, Connor was introduced to the dizzying(?) heights of fame(?) as part of the band The Sunset Skyline, they seem to be a bit of a screamo band so we’re glad he left to be honest.

Number 4 Connor claims in the video that his favourite food is french fries and “when I was six they were the only thing I ate.” We’re not sure if he’s telling the truth or just looking for a free supply of french fries. Vevo Lift is sponsored by McDonald’s, y’know.

5 He used to busk in Stratford and play the Beatles and Bon Jovi for “the old people.” Imagine a day shopping in Westfield with your nan then taking her to see Connor Ball. How perfect.

If reading’s not your thing then check out the audio-visual of what’s above here. We recommend that you do watch it, Connor’s pretty face is all over it.

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