Maximum Pop! Competition FAQ

Are competitions run on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?
All of the above! Feel free to follow all of our social media accounts listed below. We run a variety of competitions across all our Maximum Pop! platforms:

Open competitions can be found here.

Who runs these competitions?
Maximum Pop! runs these competitions in partnerships with the companies and brands they promote.

How long do competitions run for?
Most competitions run for 7 days. Closing dates are stated clearly on the competition entry page.

What time does the competition close?
Competitions generally close at 9PM GMT, unless stated otherwise. To check the competition closing time for a specific competition, refer to the competition entry page.

How do I know if the competitions are UK based or worldwide?Maximum Pop! is a UK website, so some of our competitions may be for UK entrants only. If a competition is open worldwide, it will be specifically stated on social media and on the competition entry page.

When are prize winners announced?
Prize winners are announced once the competition has closed, usually within half an hour of the competition closing, unless stated otherwise. For example, sometimes we announce winners through our Maximum Pop! mailer at a later date. Sign up here.

How do winners get picked?
Winners are chosen completely at random, from all entrants that have followed the rules and requirements of the competition upon entering.

Does spamming make a difference?
No, spamming does not make a difference and does not increase your chances of winning. Winners are chosen at random. We encourage you to please refrain from spamming. Follow the rules of the competition, as they are stated and you are in the draw to win!

How will I know if I won the competition?
All of our winners are announced in our CLOSED competition articles, you can see them here. We will also be in contact with you via social media, so make sure you follow us.

When will my prize arrive?
We aim to get your prize to you as soon as possible – usually within 30 days. These are frequently sent by the companies and brands that they promote.

If your prize is gig tickets, you may be added to a guestlist at the venue, and details of this will be sent to you via email.

Who has won previous competitions?
The winners we have chosen in previous competitions can be found on our website, here. Each of our competition articles are updated with winners upon closing.

How long do I have to claim my prize?
You have 7 days to claim your prize

I have sent in my contact details. What now?
Please wait patiently for your prize to be sent out to you. We work with clients to get your prize to you ASAP. If you have any concerns, email our competition coordinator [email protected]

Will you have any more specific competitions? (One Direction, 5SOS etc)
To keep an eye out for our upcoming competitions, follow us on Twitter & check our competitions page, here. We will keep you posted!

What do I do about a delay in receiving prizes?
If you have not yet received your prize – 30 days after providing us with your correct details – contact our competition coordinator at the following email address [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

I am having trouble/technical difficulties filling in my details on the winners form. What do I do?
Contact our competition coordinator at the following email address [email protected] and clearly state the issue you are having. Please include which prize you have won and your contact details in the email.

I filled in the wrong contact details/made a mistake on the winners form. What do I do?
Mistakes can happen, and it is our priority to get your prize to you as soon as possible. If you have given as the wrong contact details, please email our competition coordinator at [email protected] ASAP to explain the error. Please let us know what prize you won and provide us with your correct contact details.

My contact details have changed since I claimed my prize? What do I do?
If your contact details have changed, please email our competition coordinator at [email protected] with your full name, the prize you won and the updated details so we can ensure your prize gets to you.

I have more questions about competitions and prizes!
If your questions about competitions are not answered here or you have a specific question about a prize you have won, contact our competition coordinator at the following email address [email protected]