You Review: Gemma tried for us Clear Start. Now her friends want to steal it!

A few weeks ago we asked you to try an amazing new skin care range, ‘Clear Start’.

You washed, cuddled and moisturize your skin and here’s your review!

Woke Up

Name: Gemma McDougall

Age: 17

Favourite song at the moment: Ed Sheeran-Photograph/Before You Exit-Settle For Less

Describe your skin before you started?
Before I started, my skin was a combination of spotty and oily.

Did you notice any changes or benefits? Skin drier? Clearer? Less spots or stressed? More?
After starting the skincare treatment my skin became less oily. When I first used it, some blackheads came about but then they all started the clear up and I was getting less spots.

What was the best part of the kit?
The foaming wash and the matte moisturiser were my favourites from the kit. The foam wash works really well and the moisturiser helped my skin look less oily and made it feel softer.

Was there anything you didn’t like?
I wasn’t keen on the toner spray as when in a rush on a morning, waiting for that to dry into your skin became difficult.

How much did you use? Would it last a long time?
So far I’ve got just under half left. You don’t need that much of each product, you’d find yourself with quite a bit left over. I’d say this product would last for a good 3 weeks maybe longer as long as you’re not using so much that you start wasting it.

The whole kit of 5 products costs £23. Good value?
I think for what you get £23 is good value, especially for the amount you get when in comparison to other brands and kits where over all this lasts for almost a month.

Did you tell a friend?
Yes I told a friend, they were quite interested in whether it would work. Slowly they saw how it was working on my skin and wanted some for themselves.

Would you buy again and continue using the range?
Yes I would continue buying and using this range as it has proved to be effective on my skin.

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