Caspar Lee ropes in Conor Maynard for a hilarious YouTube skit

Picture a six-foot something, blonde male with a soothing South African accent…who springs to mind?  None other than the cheeky chap that is Caspar Lee, of course.


A man of many talents, Caspar is hands down one of the most hilarious people on YouTube. Spending hours on end creating content worthy of endless laughs on his channel that he is unaware of how to describe, that makes us impatient to wait until next Sunday for another video. Who hasn’t watched one of his videos without hysterically laughing just at his expression, let alone the actual video? We’re totally guilty of this.

Our YouTube video of the week comes from the man himself, where he uses his past experience of being in a boyband to record his part of a single with Conor Maynard…(yep, remember him?).  Will it be the next big hit and launch Conor’s comeback?


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