WATCH: Cara Delevingne lip syncs while laying on a bed flying saucers.

Cara Delevingne could model, design, be your source of inspo quotes (check her amazing Instagram profile), she’s also the mother of the most stylish bunny, Cecil Bunny Delevingne.  Basically we have a crush on her & want to be her best pal.

We hung out with her backstage at BST in Hyde Park and we know she has party secret tricks, just look at her pretty face with our pretty face, Luke Franks.

Now she’s picked up our karaoke vibes and unveiled it for Love Magazine: CARAOKE IS BORN.

This made our Tuesday and is extremely tantalising, we love a bit of candy, maybe not a whole bed full mind. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 05.24.14

In the video Cara is comfortably lying on a bed of pastel candy wafer (a thing we can only dream) wearing a red rain coat, an emerald wig, flower ear muffs and she looks stunning while she perfectly sings along to “Control Myself” by LL Cool J (feat. Jennifer Lopez).

During the Caraoke popsicles, ice cream, hamburgers, cute bears, strawberries, UFO, doughnuts and other emoji and kawaii emoji pop up and made it incredibly awesome.

Watch the video below while we’re going to buy everything we need to do a re-take of the video.


Source: Love Magazine

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