Canary Swing cover ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ featuring Andy Samuels

It looks like Christmas has come early this year. If you’re not in the spirit yet, then Canary Swing will make sure you are. Oh yeah that’s right, the lads have only gone and recorded a cover of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’, featuring the very lovely Andy Samuels.

We highly recommend you check this shizzle out; we can promise that you’ll be missing out if you don’t…

Pretty darn snazzy little rendition there, right? You can give it a cheeky download right here if you like what you hear.

Now we know the lads are super nice, but they just got a bit nicer… Basically, you can choose to donate when you download and if you do, all proceeds go to Acorn Overseas – a charity founded on the belief that ‘all children in society should be able to have access to love, food, shelter and education’. Do these guys have hearts of gold or?

Well we know we’re definitely going to be downloading, will you?

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