16 Reasons to buy the Neon Jungle album

So, Neon Jungle’s album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ was released about 5 days ago. Maybe you’ve already bought the album and are listening to it flat out, but maybe – just maybe – you need a little persuasion. I mean, you don’t want to waste your money on an album that’s just “eh”, when you could be out buying other summer hits, and if you’re at all worried about that happening – don’t be.

Here’s a list of 16 reasons why you should totally add this album to your collection.

1. Perfect getting-ready music.


When you’re with your girls getting ready for some party, or wherever you’re headed, you need something you can whip your hair about to and sing into each other’s faces. Or maybe, you’re just headed out to school and need something – anything – to wake you up and get you out.

This album? Perfect for all your getting-ready purposes.

2. You can pretend to be in a bad-ass music video when you’re walking down the street.


You got your headphones in, a little swagger to your step, eyeing up passers-by like you’re Beyonce – don’t pretend like you don’t do it.

3. Contrast of sounds.


This album has definitely got variety. From the angst of  ‘Trouble’, which will have you doing that moody little head bob thing, to the power ballad ‘Louder’, which will probably give you all kinds of feels.

4. 66/78 people on iTunes have already given in 5 stars.


Come on. That’s like…84%. 84% of people of iTunes reviewers think it is FLAWLESS. That has to mean something.

5. Love-preaching lyrics.


Their song ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ has lyrics like  “No bullet, no gun can stop the love” and “It only takes one hand to reach out and help you.

Who doesn’t love love?

6.  They know all about that unrequited love feeling.


In ‘Sleepless in London, the girls sing, “You’re in love, just not with me”, relating to about every person on the whole planet. Crank it up and sing it out.

7. We know you’re going to illegally download it anyway.


Don’t lie to your computer screen.

8. Good work-out beats.


We all know it’s hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise, never mind when you have a less-than-inspiring playlist. Revamp it quick with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Lazy days be gone.

9. If you love Little Mix,  give their edgier rivals a listen.


Little Mix are an amazing group of girls, with some top-notch songs and killer videos. However, this five-piece is going to be pretty low-key for the next while working on their 3rd album, so if you’re looking for something to dull the pain of waiting – we’ve got your album.

10. The impressive vocals

Seriously, these girls can really sing. Check ’em out on if you don’t believe us.

11. Splurge on something new.


Live a little! If you’ve never listened to these girls, where’s the harm in some musical exploration? You might just find your new favourite band.

12. Give the last month of summer a bangin’ soundtrack.


Summer is quickly coming to an end, guys, and why not see it off with a bang? Plan a last minute road trip with your ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ tracklist, or maybe just hit the beach with it blasting in the car the whole way. Maybe even just chill in the garden with some fresh beats playing on your earphones.

13. Facing a break-up? This album may be for you.


Okay, so we understand that there are a few stages to break-ups, but in their most basic forms you have the A) reaching for tissues and crying til your mascara is on your chin, and B) aggressively wishing you’d never wasted your time on him and rolling your eyes at the sound of his name.

Trust me, this album caters for both stages.

14. Supporting girls in the music industry.

Neon Jungle

Girls have it hard enough as it is in this world, with sexist views tossed about as casually as you like, so lets have some support for those girls trying to make a name for themselves in music.

15.  It only costs a fiver.


I’ve spent more on train fares to places I did not want to go. A little perspective.

16.  The deluxe is only £6.99 on iTunes right now!


So there you have it, 16 reasons to buy Neon Jungle’s debut album. How much more convincing could you need?

Happy listening!

Buy it on iTunes here. 

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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