Ella Eyre covers Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’ for Bose Urban Conductor Experience

There’s plenty of versions of Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’ knocking around the  Internet and let’s be honest, not all of them are something we’d want to have on our iTunes playlist we dance to in the shower.


The ‘Waiting All Night’ singer with the best curly hair in the bizznizz Ella Eyre has collaborated with David Arnold (a renowned super clever composer who’s created soundtracks for James Bond, Godzilla and more) to blend their distinctive styles of music together into one explosion of ultimate bae for Bose ‘Urban Conductor’.

Taking place in London and Manchester the Urban Conductor experience invited a select bunch to get their creative hats on and create their own version of Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’ using Bose SoundTrue™ headphones.

Speaking about the whole experience Ella Eyre said,

“I’ve worked with a range of musicians in the past but collaborating with David Arnold has been a truly unique and fun experience. He’s an incredible character and I’ve really enjoyed working closely together, applying our music styles and creating a track that is distinctive and will be enjoyed by our fan base.”

We wish our music lessons at school were like this, instead we just sat playing Star Wars on a glockenspiel.

David Arnold also had a natter about the whole process:

 “I’ve been involved in many exciting and challenging projects throughout my career, from creating soundtracks for the James Bond films to curating and writing the score for the London 2012 Olympics, but this latest venture with Ella Eyre and Bose has been a unique experience. I think we’ve managed to create something idiosyncratic which blends many styles of music alongside those for which we are more well-known and I hope everyone is as excited about the result as I am.”

We’re absolutely loving David and Ella’s version, what do you think?

For more information about Bose visit or tweet  @BoseUK #ListenForYourself

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