Introducing Bleachers… 10 things you need to know about Jack Antonoff

Is Jack Antonoff a name that you recognise? If not then it will be very soon. Find out ten facts about this New Jersey rocker that you’ll find yourselves accustomed too sooner rather than later. He’s been in a lot of bands so we’re sure you’ll fall right in love with him.


Fact One: Jack Michael Antonoff was born on March 31, 1984 making him 30 years old.

Fact Two: In high school, Jack started a punk rock band named Outline who were successful enough to tour Florida and Texas before splitting after graduation.

Fact Three: In 2002, Jack and his bezzie mate Scott Irby-Ranniar formed the band Steel Train. Jack became the lead singer. A drummer – Matthias Gruber – was recruited.

Fact Four: In 2008, a man you may have heard of named Nate Ruess asked Jack to join a new band. That band became fun. Yes, actual fun.!

Fact Five: It was with fun. that Jack scored his first – and so far only – number one single, the massive worldwide smash ‘We Are Young’. What a tune.


Fact Six: Although he is still in fun., Jack announced in February 2014 that he would be working on a solo project named Bleachers – a project that he’d been thinking about for TEN YEARS!

Fact Seven: Bleachers has been named as “more fun than fun.” and described by Jack himself as “over-the-top, extremely epic and unapologetic.” Sounds alright, doesn’t it?


Fact Eight: Bleachers’ debut album ‘Strange Desire’ was released in the US last July and is scheduled to be released in the UK later this year.

Fact Nine: The debut single from the album ‘I Wanna Get Better’ was been referred to as the “catchiest song of 2014” and hit number one on the US Alternative Songs chart.

Fact Ten: We can now confirm that the track is pretty amazing and you can watch the official video here:


There you have it, Jack Antonoff is a pretty cool dude. You’ll be remembering that name now won’t you?

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