MP! Reviews: Big Hero 6 is packed full of action and adventure keeping you glued to the screen

Capital FM and Chart Show presenter ‘Kat’ has joined forces with Maximum Pop! for a series of film reviews. This time round she is reviewing the brilliant new Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’. 

Big Hero 6 is an action packed Disney feel good film about a young boy called Hiro who is a robotics genius living in futuristic city of San Fransokyo and enters into robot fights (think Robot Wars but 21st century and not as crap).

With a push from his brother he applies to a University with his latest project but in an unexpected explosion its takes a turn for the worst. This is when he and Baymax (his brothers inflatable health care robot project) become friends and set out to catch the bad guys and unmask the baddie…. with help from Hiros friends they become an unusual group of high tech super heroes!

‘Big Hero 6’ is one of my favourite Disney animation films I’ve seen in a long time. Action packed adventure that kept all the kids in the audience glued to screen to the very end and genuinely some laugh out loud moments in the films for adults too.
In particular a scene when where Baymax batteries have run down and anyone to has had more than a skin full on a night out and is trying to sneak in without waking anybody up will laugh A LOT at the way they portray him trying to get back to his charging doc.

Fall Out Boy provide the soundtrack to the film, a track called ‘Immortals’ which did well in US but not so much here. I love it though.

Here’s me making friends with star of the film Baymax… its not what it looks like, promise… we are going steady now though so…

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 09.49.47

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