Beyoncé plonked a video online for ‘7/11’ and calls up the bae using her foot phone.


We’re not sure how she does it but Queen B has managed to give the universe multiple heart attacks by releasing a video for 7/11 that nobody knew about. WE DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS COMING AND WE’RE NOT OKAY!

Let’s just quickly analyse the best bits from this video shall we?

This excellent dance fail recovery post – we’ll be using this at our Christmas party.

Beyonce 7:11 1 Beyonce 7:11 2

This new way to call the ex bae…

Beyonce 7:11 3 Beyonce 7:11 4

The only way to announce you’re ready to open the festive presents LIKE A BOSS this year.

Beyonce 7:11 6

You know when the bottom of your foot gets itchy? Well this also happens to Beyoncé, there’s no need to bend down and scratch dat, just do this dance.

Beyonce 7:11 5

We love you Bey.

Beyonce 7:11 7

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Written by Oliver Meakings

No dull pop stars allowed.

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