BookTuber who? MP! meets BookTuber @benjaminoftomes. See his Top 3 videos, book picks for 2014 and the goss on how he got started

Who are you? Name, age, silly fact? Talk to us!
My name is Benjamin Oliver Alderson and I am 19 years of age. A silly fact about me is that i am OBSESSED with all things witches and witchcraft.

Why did you set up your YouTube channel?
December 2012 was the month that I started reading. My work colleague suggested some books I should read. I went home to read some reviews of the books she recommended, but being the lazy person I am I decided to see if YouTube had any video reviews. There pops up a boy (thebooktuber) called Tiernan and he was reviewing one of the books I had on my list. After watching the video review I bought the book, and loved it. Due to the YouTube Suggestions, other videos about books started to come up and caught my eye… I decided that it was a cool concept and that maybe if I joined the BookTube community myself I would be motivated to read more. Let’s just say that it has definitely motivated me to read more… and buy more.

What can subscribers expect to see on your channel?
Enthusiasm, craziness and good hair. I make weekly videos where I showcase many amazing Young Adult books. I make Follow Me Around vlogs and film Collaboration Tags. If you want a good dose of crazy and a dash of humour come over to my channel.

Tell us a bit about the BookTube community?
The only way to describe the BookTube community is it being lovely. It is the most kind community on YouTube and I truly stand by the statement that it is such a open and caring place, where you can be yourself and be supported.

Ben’s 3 favourite videos

I love my Top 13 Books Of 2013 video. This is because it features some of my most-loved books from the past year! Each book was brilliant and deserves to be in my Top 13 list.

Secondly I like my Brief Bookshelf Tour video. I love this video because I was able to show everyone my beautiful bookcases and what is on them! I enjoyed sharing my love of books and finding out what books my viewers and I both have.

My third most-loved video is the Top Two Books From Six Genres Tag! I love this video because I made the tag up and asked my viewers to also take part in the video! Many BookTubers have made their own version of this tag which is great at it is resulting in more viewers seeing different recommendations of books from different BookTubers.

What 3 books are you most looking forward to in 2014, top of your Amazon wishlist?
Oh there are so many on my wish list. I am most looking forward to ‘City of Heavenly Fire’, ‘Ruin and Rising’, ‘The Key’, ‘Sweet Reckoning’ and ‘Salt and Stone’! They are all going to be amazing sequels.

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