MP! Interviews: Before You Exit talks Ariana Grande crush, Fifth Harmony, and going on tour with Christina Grimmie

Boyband trio extraordinaire Before You Exit is going on tour with Christina Grimmie – duh! As if you didn’t already know.

So we catch up with Toby from the band and check out their touring cred (spoiler alert: it’s impressive), talk celebrity crush and who they’d like to collaborate with.

You have just announced a headline tour with Christina Grimmie in the UK and Europe, how excited are you for this tour compared to previous tours?

We are sooooo pumped for this tour and it’s going to be super crazy because we’ve never been to any of these places so we aren’t even sure what to expect. We’ve heard from some of our friends like The Vamps guys and Olly Murs that it is amazing. :D

You guys opened for Fifth Harmony earlier in the year at the House Of Blues in Orlando and have just confirmed you are supporting them on their 5th Time’s A Charm tour in June, how is it working with the girls? Are you fans of their work?

It was a blast supporting them on their tour and we love all of those girls, super sweet and down to earth. We’re definitely fans of their work, they got some great tunes!

We’ve just spoken about you guys being on tour with Fifth Harmony but you’ve also supported the likes of Cody Simpson and Olly Murs who’s been your favourite act to support?

Both of those acts were amazing to support. All of the fans were insane and we had a blast on both of those tours. :D

You guys have written songs with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, how is it working with huge artists such as that?

It was really awesome for the band. Both of those guys are insanely talented and helped us write some great songs. Big shout outs to both of them!

We’ve come up with a game that we’ve called ‘Before You Exit’ if you could each grab 3 things in a fire before you exit what would they be?

We would all just want to make sure all of our family gets out safe. That’s all that’s really important. ?

Do you have any rituals Before You Exit to go on stage? (Ha! See what we did there?)

We do. Every time before we go onstage we always say a little prayer and don’t close the prayer until the end of the show. After the prayer we all shout 1..2..3.. BYE.

(Everyone normally has a bad first email address e.g.
[email protected] [email protected]) What was your first email address?

My first email address is still the one I use today so I guess it’s still bad haha.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on and off stage?

The most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me on stage is probably nearly falling over multiple times, I seem to do that a lot.

ariana grande

Who’s your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is definitely Ariana Grande.

Who’s one artist you would love to work with?

One artist that I think we would all love to work with is John Mayer; we all have looked up to his music ever since we started playing and he’s a huge inspiration.

Who have you meet who’s made you most starstruck?

When we met Chris Martin from Coldplay, we were all super starstruck and couldn’t believe we were playing the same show as a band we’ve looked up to for forever.

Highlight of 2014?

The highlight of 2014 for us had to be playing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. That was a super surreal moment for all of us and I still cant believe that it happened. Massive thanks to all our fans for getting us there :D


What did you want to be when you were young? E.g. pirate, astronaut etc.

When we were kids I think all of us really wanted to do something in entertainment, like acting, or be musicians and somehow it slowly formed into all of us being in a band together.

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

One year Connor and Riley tricked me by buying me a hat and put it inside a Macbook Pro case… Hat was still cool though ?

Have you ever received a gift and given it away to someone else?

I’ve never done that with a gift I’ve received but I’m sure someone has probably done that with a gift I’ve given haha.

Before You Exit and Christina Grimmie will kick off their UK tour on 17 February – check out dates and grab tickets now!

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