Now we can all be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Bring on March 1st!

Now we can all be a Barbie girl! We all know those girls that we relate to being real life Barbies, super girl, super hot, blonde hair, blue eyes and the best body you’ve ever seen but now us normal beauties can also be a Barbie girl!enhanced-17152-1453996792-1

Barbie now comes in 7 different skin tones, 18 fabulous eye colours and 18 hair styles because we can’t all be blonde bombshells, original Barbies was probably stennies anyway, that much bleach will ruin a dolls hair.

Oh and most importantly Barbie now comes in 3 new body types!

These new Barbie dolls are sure to get Ken dancing so many woman, so little time.


You can pre order your Barbie now or wait and go and get here in person on March 1st!

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