Introducing… Avery. A new quirky and cute artist to watch!

A new artist to watch would definitely be Miss @AveryOffical.


She is quirky and cute. She is also a little bit derpy. She’s different from all of the other singers we have come across so far. She’s true to herself and her songs are very relevant, we guarantee you will find a song you’ll like by her, or maybe even one of her covers.

Here’s a quick run down on some of Avery’s songs. First up “Love Me Or Let Me Go”. Have you ever felt like a guy is totally blowing you off for either his friends or another girl, and you feel like you deserve better, this is 100% the song for you!

‘Go Screw Yourself’ is one of those songs you just want to scream at people when they’re annoying you. A bully, a friend who may not be being very nice or even a boyfriend who’s being totally out of order? This song is perfect for those situations. What better way to take your anger out on someone by singing ‘Go Screw Yourself’ at them.

As it is nearly christmas I think it’s time you got out those ‘Ratchet Trees’ and start twerking around them with your best friend. ‘Twerking Around the Ratchet Tree’ is a parody that Avery and her equally as amazing friend @Nicolelovesutoo filmed together in the Ratchet home. It is rather entertaining and will most likely make you laugh…

Okay back to the serious songs. Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? That you’re all alone? ‘Ahead Of Your Time’ will help any teenager who feels like they don’t fit in, they feel like they can’t get guys to like them, or just in general feeling insecure. Maybe you’ve even been bullied. This song is for you if you ever feel down and wanting picking back up again. As Avery says ‘you’re gonna bend but don’t let them break you.’ (This is tattooed onto her arm. Fun fact for you there.)

Now, another song that could also help you through a tough time is ‘Stronger.’ This song is just so raw and full of emotion. It’s such a powerful song and has caused a few people to cry a little bit. It helps you if you feel down. It touches on subjects like parents splitting up, bullying, boys breaking your heart and using you. If you ever feel different or broken this song can quite literally make you feel stronger, the pun was not intended.

You can purchase this song on iTunes.

So that’s the lovely Avery. One thing you must know about her is that she’s also incredibly derpy which is honestly pretty cool. Like I said, there is no one like Avery. She’s original and funny. She’s not afraid to be herself. AND she has a cool tattoo of a derpcorn saying “U B OKAY FRIEND”. This is to help her through rough patches when she feels like life is being rough. If that isn’t a reason to love Avery I don’t know what else to say.


Written by @itspoppytho / @fivesosupdates

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