Avery ‘Sex With You’ – We love Avery’s new song!

So @AveryOffical has recently released a brand new song called ‘Sex With You’. This was posted up on YouTube just over a week ago and since then we haven’t stopped playing it.  It’s incredibly sassy and very catchy. It can easily stick in your head and you may find yourself singing it in many places.

It is also quite similar to a previous song by Avery called ‘Go Screw Yourself’.

This song is about a guy who has messed around with a few girls and now Avery is looking back at regret at it for believing his lies.  This song is very much shading this member of the male population for what he had done.  We do not know who this song is about, or if it is even about anyone, but whoever it is, if he has listened to this song I bet he regrets messing with Avery now.

In the music video for this song stars YouTuber/ Model  @AcaciaBrinley and another YouTuber @CoolStoryJon. This music video is very well put together and it starts off with Avery seeing the boy cheating with another girl. She then tells her all about it and they start plotting together and basically gets revenge on what he had done to both of the girls. This consist of them cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush, putting laxatives in his drink, putting hair removal cream in a shampoo bottle and also pouring flower and water over him from the roof.

As well as all this going on in the music video, Avery went around the unsuspecting public of LA and got them to snap bananas in half. Don’t worry though, at the end Avery put a disclaimer saying no bananas were hurt during the making of this YouTube video (kinda).

Also, if you were worried about the waste of bananas, Avery’s very good friend @nicolelovesutoo had previously tweeted that after filming this went and gave the snapped in half bananas to the homeless. Doesn’t that just make your heart melt, it certainly does to ours!

It is a very relatable song and if any guy has ever messed you around before this is certainly the song to help you get over him. We probably wouldn’t go as far as dunking his toothbrush down the toilet, but hey, if you ever did, we’re sure they probably deserved it.

Buy ‘Sex With You’ here.

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