Ashton Irwin to get back into acting? We’d lick the cinema screen

We find 5SOS attractive. Like incredibly attractive. So imagine seeing them on a cinema screen and then on DVD where we can put them on slow mo in shirtless scenes. Sorry about the drool, there.

Drummer Ashton Irwin recently confessed about being a child actor before making the change to the music industry. We need footage of this, pls. And get this- he’s even said he’d consider going back to it! Quelle surprise!

“I was acting for years before the band so I would like to get into that again. I was in a few things, I’m not going to admit what they were, but it was fun and I had a good time,” Ashton spilled.

Come on, Irwin, tell us. You can’t just tell us these things and then make us suffer by not saying what you were in! That’s just not fair. What do you think, then? Think Ashton could be the next Zac Efron? Or would you prefer he stays seated behind that drum kit? With his arms flexing as he passionately drums along to the band’s song. What? More drool? Soz.

Ashton Drums

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