“I think I am a gay man”: Ariana Grande’s love for Conchita Wurst and all things camp

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande, a young pop princess of a very fabulous persuasion, loves gay men, but this gushing in her Gay Times Magazine interview is a whole other level.

Here’s a snapshot of what Ariana has to say while flicking through the mag and clocking all the gay icons featured:

Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst – Oh, werk. Too much. Gorgeous. This is motivating. If he can look like that, why can’t I?

Bette Midler swag

Bette Midler – Bette Midler?! Are you trying to put me in my goddamn grave? Oh my god. Where is Bette? Did you see on my album that I thanked her? She was the last thank you. ‘And Bette Midler’. Why not? She never saw it, I don’t think.

Barbra Streisand

On everyone and everything – Barbra Streisand? Joan Rivers? Sir Ian McKellen? This is the best magazine in the world! Literally! I think I am a gay man.

Stay fierce, honey.

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