MP! Interviews: Anavae. ‘I always wanted to give out free ice cream samples!’

Here at MP! we love having the best new talent around and keeping you all updated with what’s cool. This week get to know Anavae.

For those who haven’t heard about Anavae tell us a bit about yourself and your music? 

– We make alternative rock with hints of electronic bits and pieces.

– We’ve just released a Parallel version to our last EP which is available on iTunes & Spotify and a brand new video which you can check out on our VEVO channel.

Where does the name Anavae come from?

It’s a word we created ourselves after leaving something behind. It’s the anti to enervate. To go forward, to be strong.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Becca – From what we’re feeling, hating, loving. A lot of my lyrics are about a personal identity crisis. What it means to be human and the point of existence. How to exist, why to, not wanting to. We’re inspired by anything and everything.  Sci-movies, novels, soundscapes, images, voices.

Have you always wanted to be musicians? What would you be if you weren’t? We always fancied being a zoo keeper.

Becca- I work as a freelance photographer when I’m not making music…. but I’ve always wanted to give out free ice cream samples.

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?

Jamie- Nicki Minaj

Becca- Babymetal.

There’s only two of you in the band – do you have a back up plan if you end up hating each other?

We already do. It fuels us.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and you’d swapped bodies with each other? (Keep it clean please!)

Jamie- Go bra shopping.

Becca- Get my whole body painted to camouflage into a brick work and jump out at people…. or do a press up.

Where can we see you perform live in the coming months?

We’re playing a few dates around the UK in August (details and dates can be found on the ‘Tour Date’ tab on our  Facebook page) but anything beyond that is currently a mystery. Lately you’ll mainly find us locked away in a dark room writing. Keep your ears peeled.

Thanks Anavae, that was fun!

Facebook | Twitter | AnavaeVEVO 

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