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Amelle talks debut album, Sugababes, Little Mix, Stooshe & Parade

Words by Jon G

Last night at Tinchy Stryder’s headphone launch MP! caught up with Amelle Berrabah. Just minutes before she took to the stage with the Stryderman we quizzed her about what’s going on with the Sugababes, her solo plans, her views on the original Sugababes reforming and her thoughts on the new girlbands of today!

Hi Amelle! What brings you here this evening?
To support my man Tinchy, I’m so proud of him to have his set of headphones! It’s such a massive achievement; obviously everyone knows about the Dr. Dre ones so to have a headphone brand representing a big UK artist is great.

You had a massive hit single with Tinchy; what’s he like as a collaborator?
He’s a very talented person. He’s a genius in music and I love working with him. I’ve done a track for his new album. When you click with someone it makes everything so much easier. He gets me and he gets my personality, I get him and we’ve always kept in contact, we message and stuff.

What’s going on with you and the girls?
All good, we’re not releasing anything until the end of next year. We haven’t got anything set in stone just at the moment. But I’ve been in the studio literally every single day for my solo album – tonight’s so much fun because I haven’t seen anyone in ages! I’ve nearly finished and my first release should be in the first week of September so I’m quite nervous but I’m really excited. I’ve literally put everything I have into it. I’ve taken my time with it; I said to the record label “you need to let me take my time to do my thing!”

What are Heidi and Jade up to?
They’re taking a bit of time off. I think Jade is gonna start doing her solo album quite soon and Heidi’s doing a bit of presenting and things like that, so yeah, we’re all very happy!

Are you looking forward to hearing what the original Sugababes are going to come out with?
Do you know what, yeah I am! I’ve got no bad blood; I’m not someone who’s like that. No, I think they’re all very talented. It’s interesting ‘cos I haven’t heard anything from Siobhan in so long – I’m quite intrigued because she’s so talented, her songwriting ability is amazing and she’s done a lot of songwriting for other artists. I’ve been following her silently for a while. Mutya’s obviously got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. And Keisha, a very talented person who’s also got a great voice. I’m intrigued, I’m intrigued…in a good way!

Can we ask you about some of the newer girlbands on the scene? What do you think of Little Mix?
I love ’em. I absolutely love those girls. Even during X Factor, I was like “they need to win”. They are stars, each and every one of those girls, and to top it off as well they’re nice people. When you meet people in this industry sometimes the vibe they give off…hmm(!), but Little Mix are beautiful girls, really down to earth and good people.

And what about Stooshe girls?
Stooshe, they’re the three girls, yeah?

I nearly swore there, I absolutely love them! Love them.

They swore in their first single so you’re allowed to swear if you like.
Okay, I f***ing love them. They remind me of a modern day Supremes but with a twist. I love their new single. I think they’re very different, they’re fresh and they’ve got the most amazing voices. Apart from Little Mix and the new [old] Sugababes coming up, there’s not many bands who sing, you know? These girls are the competition. Each of those three are as talented as each other and their voices are insane.

Another girl band you may remember from last year, Parade, are also on the comeback trail.
[Excited] Oh are they?

Yes, they’ve been working with MNEK, Ed Drewett and Tim Powell from Xenomania.
Nice! The one I always remember is the one with the short hair, she’s absolutely beautiful and has a lot of star quality about her… Sian! I really like them but I haven’t heard much from them so I’m quite looking forward to hearing what they’ve got!

Thank you, Amelle!

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