Why is Alexandra Burke’s new single massively flopping?

There is something not quite right about the No. 30 mark on the current iTunes chart, and it’s not that Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Dance Again’ is on the wrong side of it. It’s that the new, hands-in-the-air-tastic Alexandra Burke single, ‘Let It Go’, is only at No. 28 after nearly three full days on sale. Not only is it on course to be her lowest-charting single so far (No. 16 “smash” ‘The Silence’ is the current holder of that record), but it’s the lead-in for her all-important second album, Heartbreak On Hold, which is finally released next week. If this single tanks, the album will almost certainly struggle too… and we wouldn’t put money on her record label letting her release another. So why is it doing so poorly? Despite being significantly inferior, even ‘Elephant’ reached the Top 3.

Putting the obvious fact that “It’s not ‘Bad Boys'” to one side, our theory is that the promo campaign has been too long considering how little support it’s had from radio. The track’s initial début and even its music video première both feel like light years ago, and that’s not really anybody’s fault but the playlisters who have snubbed it. And why have they? Alexandra is one of only two X Factor winners still signed to a Sony record label, and ‘Let It Go’ – despite having lyrics as clichéd as Louis Walsh’s vocabulary – is an infectiously catchy tune of the same ilk as Britney Spears’ enormotune ‘Till The World Ends’. Whatever the reason, the hitmaker has not had the broadcaster support she needs or deserves with this album campaign, and we just hope her sales figures don’t suffer so much that RCA are forced to reconsider her recording contract. If you’ve got 99p going spare, there’s an endangered popstar in need of your support over on iTunes.

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