Alexandra’s got an Elephant in the room, Gaga’s in trouble, TW say no to a US star, Harry Style’s girl troubles – gossip!

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When we first heard that Alexandra Burke was planning to release a brand new single (her first in over a year) called ‘Elephant’ we so excited by the ridiculousness of it. But our dreams have come true and with the song hitting radio next week, Burke decided to bust it out live for the first time last night at the Tickled Pink show. We’ll have to save our full verdict for the studio version, but we’ve basically already decided that nobody else should bother releasing a single this year. It’s that good.

Pay attention! You know all those Best Of charts you get at the turn of the year? Well we’ve found the one that really matters.’s Best of 2011 claims to be the only chart that represents the music people have actually been playing, none of this complicated sales data or radio airplay, it’s based purely on the number of times people have listened to the artist. So who came out on top? Well, Adele obvs but also in the top ten are Britney, Alexis Jordan and um Matt Cardle, we’re not judging…

Take note Little Mix, being in a girl band isn’t all about pretty dresses and nailing the harmonies. Girls Alouder Nicola Roberts has revealed the constant taunts about her looks once drove her to alcohol. Being labelled “The Ugly One” led Nicole to seek therapy and she even “begged my driver to buy me vodka when I was still underage.” Just say no to the mini bar girls!


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Ooh check out The Wanted. After storming US telly earlier this week they’ve decided they can afford to be a bit more picky with their songs, even if that means saying no to a major star. The band have admitted that they turned down the opportunity to release a collaboration with a big US artist. Jay confessed that the song “was just not us” so won’t be included on their new album. If you spot a US artist in a TW t-shirt crying hysterically let us know.

He may be a bit late to the party but Harry Styles has revealed his New Years resolution, he wants to find “a special lady”. So we’re guessing Caz Flack is out of the picture then? But there’s also loads of pics today of Caroline wearing Harry’s fav bracelet (a true sign of love), we can’t keep up! Watch Harry chatting resolutions and introducing the latest teaser for the ‘One Thing’ video here. AND stay tuned for MP!’s review of the full video coming later today, one member of MP! is so excited they’ve had to go stand in the corner.

Uh oh, sounds like Gaga is in trouble with the Queen Mum of Pop. Madonna has finally had her say on the strong similarities between her 80’s hit ‘Express Yourself’ and Gaga’s single ‘Born This Way’. Speaking about the first time she heard Gaga’s track, Madonna said: “I thought, ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song’. I mean, I recognised the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting.” Miaow!


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