Wait, WHAT? Alex From Target has joined YouTube

From bagging groceries to bagging YouTube views, life has changed for the cute teen belovedly known as Alex from Target.

Capitalising from his newfound fame, Alex Lee (guess Target was not OK with him using their brand in his merch, channel and stuff) – this guy has launched his own YouTube channel and gave us an update on cool stuff he’s been up to since he was, y’know, discovered.

1) He’s going on tour

2) He’s got merch 

3) He’s starring in a huge music video that’s coming out soon

4) He’s releasing his own music

5) He’s gonna be in a movie about cystic fibrosis. 

PS – he’s gonna be posting videos every Saturday so yeah. Get on top of it, guys.

PPS – how much longer until the UK discovers its own local service worker cutie?

How about Jack from The Chip Shop? Thomas from Waitrose? Lachlan from Boots?

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