Alarm Pop: EMIN ‘Woman’ (feat. Charlie Williams) – Hello, morphing ladies

If you can name five popstars from Azerbaijan in five seconds – we’ll drop you a year’s supply of Twix. Only kidding (we will never share Twix).

Before you start searching Wikipedia, here’s a Azerbaijani popstar with quite an interesting story.

Meet Emin, he is not just a singer-songwriter but also a businessman… and son of a Russian billionaire property developer who also co-owns Robert De Niro’s Nobu restaurants where your faves have no doubt chowed loads of sashimi and edamames. Plus, Emin’s wife is the daughter of the Azerbaijan president. Pretty low key stuff.

So with all this going on in his life, Emin still manages to keep a pretty low profile as a pop singer, which has seen him perform around the world including appearing on stage with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.

Check out his latest single ‘Woman’ featuring actual women with remarkable abilities to morph into different people.

Blimey! What will they think of next in Azerbaijan?

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