How many Michael Clifford references does Abigail Breslin make in her debut single ‘You Suck’? Far too many.

Have you heard the debut single by Abigail Breslin? It’s literally been the talk of the internet for about 24 hours straight now and all signs are pointing to who it’s about – step forward, Michael Clifford.

The pair supposedly had a quick fling last year amongst others and it sounds as though Abigail was hoping for something more and left with a big fat nothing. Her revenge? Get her name out there again (she’s also an actress) and humiliate her former flame who is currently in the limelight in some band called 5 Seconds of Summer.

But loads of people write about ex’s, how do we know it’s Michael she’s talking about? Let’s investigate through lyrics.

I hate your dumb tattoo, I wish you’d fly to the moon” – Boom, right in there with the reference.

to the moon tattoo I said you sound like All Time Low, you really don’t” –Umm… Who’s that band 5SOS love and even write with?

5sos atl
Even though you try hard, -Ahem…


I hate that scar above your eye – Who takes so much notice of a scar above someone’s eye? Must have done some intense staring, Abi.

mikey scar

Bleachin’ your hair well I hope it falls out” – We nickname Michael rainbow sometimes. Does it need an explanation?

Michael Clifford hair

“Thanks for the tickets to your show, I want you to know that all your band mates are hotter than you – Be fair, Abs, 4/4 are all smokin’ hot.


Poor Michael. He’s probably hurt right? Uh….

Well like they say, laughter is the best medicine and is good for you so I guess the revenge song did something good for her hated ex (is he even an ex? Were they ever really together?) as he laughed a lot.

michael clifford laughing

We know our faves like Taylor Swift have made oodles of cash writing about past relationships and experiences but at least it the lyrics were well written and not blatantly obvious.

Speaking of Tay Tay…

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