A Week With a Celebrity: We live a week with Gigi Hadid via Snapchat and totes want her life.

Welcome to ‘A Week With a Celebrity’! We’ll be following the lives of people in the pop world from a BTS look via Snapchat and sharing all the best bits right here!

This week we’ve been hanging out with supermodel Miss Gigi Hadid and seeing all the glitz and glam of her life.


photo (2)

Gigi is currently in Paris and even though she’s pretty dressed down, she’s still looking fabulous in this mirror selfie.

photo (3)

Miss Hadid managed to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower all lit up and sparkly which is totally our aesthetic.


photo (4)

Who would have thought G would have loved the snapchat filters as much as us? And she still looks stunning!

photo (9)

If we ever did that at a fancy restaurant, our mum would give us a good ol’ glare which says “keep doing that and I’ll disable the internet when we get home.”


photo (5)

Totally fitting our breakfast aesthetic with a bit of traditional cuisine. Now we want a croissant.

photo (8)

Backstage the Chanel show in Paris. What we wouldn’t give for that lifestyle.

photo (7)

Squad goals! It’s galpals Cara and Kendal! We are so jealous of that dog right now.


photo (10)

Paris > LA. But before a day of jet setting, more French food!


Pretty quiet day for Gigi… no snaps :(


photo (13)

Casually chilling with a burger while PILLOWTALK is released. In case you didn’t know, she’s the gal that Zayn snogs the face of. Yes, we are proper jel.

photo (11)

Still on those PILLOWTALK vibes! Gigi was listening to it in the car and we don’t blame her.

photo (16)

Appreciating the planet like we all should.

photo (12)

Getting her hurr did. We wish we had a stylist to look boss AF 24/7.

photo (15)

Appreciating those who doll her up. Well, we would and all if someone had the capability of making us look gorg like Gigi.

photo (14)

Gig brought her fam to work today which is cute to spend time while she gets her glam on. Our brothers would be totally bored if we dragged them to work.

photo (18)



photo (19)

Going to bed so late at night/early in the morning Gigi?

photo (17)

Or just play around on your phone until a ridiculous hour. It’s okay, we do it, too…



Not gonna lie, if we go furniture shopping in IKEA we usually wear some joggers and a hoodie. Gigi makes us feel very underdressed!


Now we really can relate to supermodel Gigi Hadid. Nothing beats a Sunday evening by the fire with a furry friend…


…and watching a spot of telly! We wonder who Gigi’s fave from Grease is?

So, that’s our week with Gigi Hadid! We’re practically BFFs with her now.

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