A Week With a Celebrity: We spent a week with Caroline Flack and Olly Murs was there!

Welcome to ‘A Week With a Celebrity’! We’ll be following the lives of people in the pop world from a BTS look via Snapchat and sharing all the best bits right here!

This week we were chilling with Caroline Flack to see what she gets up to in her busy life in the TV world.


photo (20)

We started the week off by accompanying Cazza to get her hurr did and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

photo (21)

Next we went out for food with our favourite presenter OTP, Carolly! Olly likes to play with his food. Who knew?

photo (22)

We love this filter on you, Caroline!



photo (23)

Tuesday saw us catching a train somewhere… we’re not sure where but we were with her. Sort of.

photo (25)

Caz has a lovely fireplace and likes to keep warm during this harsh winter weather. Brrrr….


photo (30)

The best way to relax. Cazza really seems to like that fire.


photo (31)

Testing out the snapchat filters! We think she looks gorgeous here.

photo (32)

Don’t cry, Caroline! The X Factor isn’t being axed after all! It’ll be here forever.


photo (36)

Flack’s friend was having a bit of bantz with Cazza…


photo (34)

How cute does she look with this filter?!


photo (35)

Ending a very busy week by watching Bugsy Malone. Nice.

So, that’s our week with Caroline Flack! You’ll probs see us hanging backstage The X Factor with her later this year because we’re so close now.

Who should we spend a week with next? Check out our Snapchat Directory and tweet us who you’d love to live a week with @maximumpop.

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