8 ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you ain’t got no date.

So Valentine’s Day is officially here and for us singletons it’s another year without a date. But it doesn’t mean we have to sit in alone! We have 8 great ideas of what you can get up to with your mates this February 14th!

Who needs dates when you’ve got mates!

1. Girls night head out with your females and body pop to some old school RnB.tumblr_mh3j65brGk1r3gup8o1_500

2. Rent every Ryan Gosling movie that has ever been made.week-in-review-ryan-gosling-gifs-katy-perry

3. Just because you don’t have someone else to pamper you doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Get yo self a face mask and paint yo nailz.giphy

4. Get a flirty friend round to watch a movie and chill. (NETFLIX AND CHILL if you will.)

5. Invite your mates round to lay on your floor and drink wine with some Taylor Swift on.taylor-swift-blank-space-music-video-insane

6. Buy your bestie a card or a cute gift. You don’t need a man (or gal) to make you feel special!giphy

7. Do a group activity. Grab all your mates, female, male, single, in a relationship and have a group hang. Bowling is always a winner!Group Hug

8. Be daring, tell your crush you like them. What’s the worst that can happen? You are already eating ice cream with your dog on February 14th!tumblr_md3lc3q5IJ1r68d1so1_500

Let us know which of these you’ll be doing this evening. Actually, maybe don’t if it’s number four… @maximumpop.

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